Taking the day off

rock wallIt is difficult being a single parent. Stressful to deal with with school schedules, extracurricular activities, and then attempting to manage your own life. So, co-parenting to lend a break in the schedule and allow you time to focus on you. Extended breaks due to vacations and holidays can be nice to, giving a parent that day-off to focus on themselves can be incredibly powerful. Christmas is more difficult emotionally, it is culturally defined as family time so when you are not with your family it can be incredibly hard.

Last year was just one of those years where I saw less of my kids over the Christmas break. It is how the parenting plan worked out. So when I got a call that I had the opportunity to take my boys while my wife had to work I jumped at the chance. This meant that I had to take the day off, something that is not typically in my nature. Yet, after not getting much of a holiday with them it was just “what was going to happen”. There was no question in my mind.

My past is littered with cases where I chose work over family. Vacations were spent with me checking emails, coordinating from my phone, or actually working the code remotely. At home I would often work into the evenings, be late or completely miss family events, and neglect the need and desire for both a father and a husband. I am now paying for many of those choices.

Today work remains important to me, but it no longer defines who I am. I define who I am – I do that through my actions. That action, was to take the day off and enjoy it with my boys. It was just a few hours, but it is about quality over quantity – it is about the experience.

Go Vote

As an Ex-Pat, I have had the rare chance to vote. I watch elections back home while discussing issues with my brothers, feeling slightly disconnected from it all. Since I am not a citizen in the U.S. I feel beholden to the choices of those around me. My world, at the moment, is defined and controlled by political choices that I am not a part of.

That said, I have watched the last few elections and have noticed one common thread – they are a lot closer that we often think. Each vote does count. Your voice does matter.

It is your turn to change the world!

Recycling your dream

dreams recycled podcast episode 20
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So I am once again hitting the airwaves. This time I joined Tiffany Ann from Dreams Recycled podcast talking about the male side of divorce. We had a really great conversation, covering how I handled the transition after the divorce, single dads in the workplace, and even my life in the dating world. I really enjoyed sharing a little of my story and how I processed my life after the divorce, hope you guys find it and enjoyable.

Tiffany offers lots of inspiration and tips on revitalizing your life after divorce. I am extremely grateful to be included as one of her incredible guests. Thank you.