Still Daddy for You

Sitting on the Porch of IndecisionOver the last couple years my life and the life of my family have been in a constant state of upheaval.  I have moved twice, changed jobs, and have attempted to navigate the seething waters of divorce.  I have coped with fear and doubt, struggled with pain and depression, and fought to figure out who I am and what I want.  My steady beacon throughout this turmoil has been my desire to continue to be dad for my two boys.  It wasn’t enough just to be dad to them, I needed to be a dad for them.

As I write this the year is 2016.  It was finally time that I start sharing my experiences, my dreams, and some of the day-to-day challenges we face as single dads.  Throughout the divorce process I leaned on friends, family, and the words and stories of those who had been there before.  It was helpful, it kept me mindful of issues that lay ahead and kept me focused on finding a life that I could not always see.

Now, in full disclosure, I am not a writer – I am a software developer, a single father, and dad.  I like to tell stories and I like to share my thoughts.  And now, I hope to bring some of those thoughts, ideas, and experiences to you in the hopes it might help you find some nuggets to your life, or just so you know you aren’t alone in your struggle.

While the pages here are not intended for my children, I do imagine that they will read them as they get older.  It is inevitable.  I can only hope that they find the musing of a father that loves them deeply.  That they will know that it doesn’t matter what has happened or how old they are, I will still be daddy for them.


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