Episode #2 – Promise Kept

I had a win today in my financial comeback that I wanted to share. After the divorce I needed to gain traction again, in doing so made a promise to myself … today I achieved that. One of the many milestones I have set out before me.

It is about winning these small battles and making progress … with that you will be successful. Heard some solid advice from the book “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell, advice passed on from his SEAL training, which went something like “Kept your mind in the present, don’t think about the past or what lies ahead” (I am sure I don’t have that exact verbatim). It applies here too.

Disclaimer: I already want to apologize for this video, I obviously wasn’t as prepared as I should have been. I am still trying to figure out the format so was playing with an ‘off-the-cuff’ approach – however, think I am not practiced enough in front of the camera yet. Instead of retaking the video I am posting it as a learning experience.

Episode #1 – What am I doing?

Struck by inspiration this evening, I decided I was just going to hit record and not try to plan too much. I look forward to this being the start of a conversation, an open discussion surrounding the topics of parenting and life of a single parent. It also offers the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas in the area of personal, professional, and family growth.

I don’t know where this will go, not sure how often I will record, and have very little experience being on camera … but I have inspiration and I am not going to let this spark fade again. Everything starts somewhere.

Please, reach out, let me know what you think and help me make this something valuable.