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If you’re struggling to answer the question ‘Now What”? so that you can take back control of your life. So you can be an outstanding role model for your kids. So you’re no longer a victim. So you no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed. So that you can face reality and move forward stronger, more effective, and with more focus than you ever have before than Ken Jaquith can help you.

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Cherie and Vicki are life transition coaches specializing in divorce. Our voices are unique, as we have different backgrounds and experiences. Our intent is to offer practical support to often-difficult scenarios which may have more than one answer in separation and divorce. We will help you recognize and utilize your strengths and values during a very stressful and often chaotic life transition. Your questions and concerns are always welcome. We are here when you need us!

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Coach Cherie: 301-928-4695 or Coach Vicki: 516-225-5224.