Poem by Veronika J.
Published on February 2008

It happened 6 months ago
Though it seems like yesterday
I remember it clearly
It was a cold autumn day
You told me you loved me
Then left through the door
3 bags and a suitcase was all you carried
As you got in your car and drove more and more
Wet tears ran down my cheek
As I heard your last car beep
I knew the fun times and the games were over
No more kisses at night no more bear hugs when I’m sober
No more laughing in front of a warm blazing fire
No none of that because you’re a cold hearted liar
For 13 years you only cheated and swore
You weren’t the daddy figure I would adore
You tried your best to be a good dad
But somehow at the end of the day I would end up being sad
When I was younger it was easier
I was put into a your arms and you held me tight
You would never let go if I were scared at night
But all those moments are just pale memories
Because of you I was left on the bottom of a hole
I had to find my own way out.
It wasn’t easy but I survived
Because my mum and my sister were by my side
I have just one more thing to say
As you live with your new wife, just remember
You gave a 13-year-old girl life
And it doesn’t matter what you feel or did
She is still your little kid.

Source: Family Friend Poems

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