Let Everyday be Fathers’ Day

Dear Daddy - Photo
From my first fathers day

There is something special about Fathers Day. It is a day of connection. A day of bonding between a father and his children. Not that every day, every moment, doesn’t offer that … yet Father’s Day remains special.

I have never quite taken to the gifts around fathers’ day, and I don’t think many fathers get the massage or manicure treatments. To me this doesn’t feel right. There is just something deeper about father’s day, it is more about time together than time for me.

As a child it was a day I got to say “thanks for being dad”, for all those adventures, early mornings, and instructions you gave. As I grew it has become a way of continuing to say thanks for all the support you have provided. And as I became a father it became a day where I set aside my daily duties and focused on what that really meant. And the ‘thank you’ started flowing the other way as well for I would not be a father without my two wonderful boys.

I remember the day that I became “Dad”, I was so excited. I had it all planned out. I had life all planned out. While the plans of life ended up different from those I had in mind, I think things have turned out better. From all the strife what I have realized is that fatherhood is the solid ground for which I can build the next stage of my life. They have provided me more support and encouragement than anyone else, and I don’t even think they realize it. I continue to push forward to ensure they are taken care of and can bring their dreams to life, as they are doing that for me.

So, this fathers’ Day I also say thanks to them … for I would not be a Dad without them. Now probably more than ever, I look back on all the years I have watched my boys grow up and I am filled with joy.

Yet, we don’t wait for Father’s Day for our adventures. Those adventures throughout the year are special in their own time and they stick with us as wonderful memories for all time.  For me, fathers’ day is now to be a day to think back at all the wonderful memories we have shared together, a day to dream of things we might we can do tomorrow … and a day to spend some quality time with those I love now.

I Love you Dad!
Little love note that greets me every morning!

Fathers’ Days is really a family day, a day where the focus is where it should always be … on the bond between a father and their children.

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