What does it mean to be strong?

Those who are strong have power and influence over those around them. They are able to take control of their life through their choices, rather than allowing life to be dictated to them. To me true strength is defined as follows:

Strength of Body:
A healthy and strong body; willing and able to help with the physical tasks of life.

Strength of Character:
Generous and humble, showing courtesy, integrity and gratitude in all aspects of life.

Strength of Spirit:
A positive mindset, unbreakable soul, and unwavering commitment to the core values that define who you are.

So how does one get strong?

Strength is only gained through experience. Experience is not simply knowledge, it is knowing how to apply that knowledge to acquire the results that you desire. Experience, at its core, can only be gained through struggle, adversary, and failure.

Thus, if you desire to be strong, don’t turn your back on the struggles of life. Don’t give up with the going gets difficult and your body and mind is tired. Get back up when you fall. Try again when you fail. Learn.

It is in these moments that your learn to apply your knowledge and gain experience. These are the moments where you build your strength, and become the strong and independent person that you need to be to take on the challenges and dreams of your future.

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